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Don’t Be Tied to Your PC – Use RMPRO Mobile

Our latest solution for on-the-go retail, RMPro Mobile, is now available. With our most intuitive interface yet, you can navigate your business from the passenger seat. With RMPro, you have the ability to make a sale on the spot wherever you are, take payments, generate invoices and receipts, and email them to customers. You can even search your entire inventory from a customer’s kitchen table, using sophisticated filters to identify and display the right product. In addition, you can review customer history to look for opportunities to cross-sell services or upsell based on previous purchases. Every transaction made on your wireless device is immediately synchronized with your in-store system and all your other wireless devices on RMPro Mobile, ensuring your data is always accurate, all the time.

There Is No Need for Anything Else but A Mobile Phone

Point of Sale (POS) solutions are designed to help you process transactions and collect valuable customer information right on the spot. From approvals and back orders, to consignment and more, POS gives you the tools you need to stay on top of your business.

Put Your Work in Your Pocket!

Track your customer transactions by account, to identify accounts due for payment or identify the amount you’re owed. Use this information to forecast cash flow and sales for the week ahead, so you can make informed business decisions.

No More PC-Dependence!

Whether you’re at the office or on the showroom floor, your customer history gives you instant access to all the information you need to make a sale. There, you’ll find details on who they are and what they like, their last purchase and what they bought before that…all in real time. So you can create an experience that’s right for them.

Just Pick Up Your Mobile Phone and That’s It

With Inventory, you’re connected to your entire inventory – both online and offline – so you can easily engage customers with a personal, interactive shopping experience.

What Problems Does RMPRO Mobile Solve?

Need for a Cashier System

The customer sees the items on the sales floor and must go to the cashier to fulfill the invoice. The customer cannot do this away from their PC, so they must go back to their desk or another work area, log into RMPro Mobile and complete their order fulfillment task there.

You cannot do work on your mobile device

We know this may sound harsh, but it’s true. You need to be working from your PC in order to use RMPro Mobile. Work cannot be done away from the PC, so if you try and use RMPro Mobile on a tablet or phone, nothing will happen!

Start Automated Success with RMPRO today

Start Automated Success with RMPRO today

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